I have sculpted for many years. My passion came naturally, and my skills through full and part-time study at the Sculpture Academy, Central St Martins and elsewhere. The beliefs and ideas that I express through my work have been developed through professional and personal experience in various stages of my life.

I am by nature an idealist and a firm believer in the possibility of building a better world. After years of working in mainstream business, I am realistic and pragmatic about how many challenges there are to be tackled. But the raw material of our world - the natural and human environments and the people who inhabit them - offer untold potential.


Art - or at least the path that I pursue - is about finding ways to awaken and strengthen that potential. People's sense of fulfilment is determined by their ability to feel good about their world and their place in it. Art can remind us what a wonderful and diverse world we live in and the value for the human spirit of celebrating that beauty and diversity

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