At its best, a work of art needs no explanation. It creates a chord of recognition and instinctive understanding that touches hearts, provokes emotions, encourages contemplation and stimulates response.

I am intrigued by the fact that diversity gives the world its eternal fascination and extraordinary complexity, but that beneath this diversity lies a rich and essential commonality of form and, for humanity, of feeling. Art manifests both the diversity of the world and its essential unity - both physical and spiritual. It also opens the mind, nudges the imagination and lifts it from day-to-day thoughts and constraints.

  For me this fascinating paradox is represented most wonderfully in a curve. There is almost nothing more subtly complex than a multiform, three dimensional curve (as exemplified by the human body), and yet nothing also more beautifully simple. We see it, and we understand it. In my sculpture I hope to evoke a similarly direct feeling, a clear response. Yet also I seek a recognition of the subtle complexities of the underlying form. My sculpture is to be touched, with the eyes and the fingers, but above all to be felt, at the very root of our emotions.

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